Do you regularly find yourself lying on the sofa with a duvet, a can of coke and a box set? We've all been there. Research has shown that keeping a duvet wrapped round your shoulders while you struggle with getting snacks from the fridge is one of our generation's greatest challenges.
There has to be a better way. If you have been affected by this, we need your help. Please press pause on Netflix and take 2 minutes to answer a few questions to help us find a solution.
How many hours a week do you spend on the sofa? *

Your poor sofa! It must feel so lonely. Be. More. Lazy. It's ok, we still love you. So what do you do that eats all your sofa time?

Whoa! You must be a student with that amount of sofa time. Am i right?

Surely you should be hitting the books rather than chilling on the sofa? Shame on you.

No way, you have that much free time and you're not a student, sign me up! So what do you do?

Do you ever snuggle up under a duvet or blanket while relaxing on the sofa? *

What, never?? You must have a crazy central heating bill. Or live in the Bahamas. The time to turn that heating down may be almost upon you...

Do you own any of the following? *

You are clearly a stylish trend setter. Just a few more questions to go...

You are delightfully old school. And you are right not to own any of these, they are so 2017. Keep following our progress my friend, we may be about to rock your sofa loving world.

How much did you pay for it (£)?

What was the main reason why you bought it?

How often do you wear it?

What do you love most about it?

Do you ever wear it out of the house?

I love it. You are a free spirit. Keep paving the way!

Where do you wear it?

How many other people do you know who own one of the options?

Got any muckers who love hugging their sofa? Please pass on and spread the word.

Thanks for getting stuck into the most random selection of questions that you have probably faced this week. 

The Doncho revolution is coming. 

Tag your duvet day photos on Instagram with #ineedadoncho for your chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher.
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